Amaco launches the First Spare Parts and Technical Support Online System through its Website on the occasion of the 2016 Open House Event.

AMACO launches the first Spare Parts and Technical Support Online System through its Website on the occasion of the 2016 Open House Event

On the occasion of its expansion, and to keep pace with the developments of modern technology in the field of Tissue Paper Converting machines, Amaco Group held an Open House in March 2016, conducting a series of workshops on the latest innovations in the field of Tissue Paper Converting Machines characterized by the high technology and productivity, based on precision features meeting the requirements of production and quality standards.




At its premises in Lebanon, Amaco hosted a large number of customers who are considered to be leaders and specialists in the field of hygienic tissue paper industry coming from Europe, Africa and the Arab World representing Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Holland, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal, Congo, South Africa as well as Lebanon. 

aco’s guests and customers toured the different sections of the factory, where the host engineers and technicians gave a full demonstration on the latest techniques & innovative technology.



The engineering department conducted demonstrations about the machines run and function, and the production capacities that characterize each machines.



One of the company’s engineers introduced Amaco’s latest innovative system: the after-sales service that was launched to meet the needs of Amaco’s partners and customers around the world, named ”AMACO’s Online Customer Service System”.  (Online spare parts & technical support system).

This service offers technical support and counseling service for the customers.



It also answers, in a very fast way, the customer’s request for spare parts through the innovative Online request system on its Website, which includes all the necessary information about all the industrial machines of AMACO GROUP, the spare parts, as well as all the relevant information that would help customers achieve the optimal use of AMACO machines.



Through this system, it is possible to make purchase orders online and to identify the ordered spare parts and devices through their features.



Mr. Ali Mahmoud Al Abdallah, chairman of AMACO GROUP, said during the success of the Open House Event, that the industrial sector in general, and the manufacturing of tissue paper machines in particular, are witnessing rapid developments particularly on the technological level.



rdingly, AMACO GROUP always works on updating its systems and adopting the best techniques. It also keeps on training its team work of engineers, technicians, and administrators to enable them to carry out their tasks in the best possible way on one hand, and to identify the latest technologies regarding the manufacturing of tissue paper machines on the other hand.



The group also works hard to enhance the company’s spare parts department, research and technical development, as well as the after-sales service, where the goal is set to give training to both customers and their technicians on Amaco machines at their factories, and to follow-up, cooperate and communicate with them at all stages of startup and operation.



All these factors were translated by obtaining a patent as a result of the development executed on the Hygienic Tissue Paper Converting machines, as well as by obtaining the European CE - Certificate of Conformity




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