Automatic Log Saw - AM 243







  * Double or Triple log cutting.

  * Blade safety cabin.

  * Automatic blade sharpening system.

  * Automatic blade lubrication.

  * Automatic blade adjustment on the cutting level.

  * Automatic stop in case of misplacement of the log.

  * Automatic stop in case cabin door are open.

  * Two or Three stainless steel feed channels.

  * Log in feed by Mitsubishi servo motor.

  * Log pusher controller by a Mitsubishi servo motor, which provide the right

    cutting length.

  * Variable speed control by Mitsubishi inverter.

  * Superior timing tension rubber belts for the driving system.





Technical Features:


  * Paper log length: max 1350 - 2750 mm. (modified upon request).

  * Electronic cutting length control: variable within 90 - 300 mm.

  * Minimum trim cutting length: 25 mm at each end.

  * Log diameter: min. 95 mm.   &  max. 140 mm.

  * Maximum operation speed: 60 70 cuts / cycle/ min * 2 rolls.

  * Grinding wheel: diamond, Germany IKS Klingling berg.

  * The sharpening can be adjusted to follow the edge of the disk.

  * Circular Blade diameter: 610 mm. - Germany IKS Klingling berg.

  * Clamps set before & after the disk, which fix the log during the cutting process.

  * The clamps diameter can be adjusted mechanically.

  * Mitsubishi PLC Control System – Touch Screen operation.

  * Power Supply:  380 V,  3 phases,  50 Hz,  24 V DC control,  8 KW.

  * Rolls Exit: Four round belts moved by redactor motor transferring the cut rolls

    out of the log saw.


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